DIGITAL INCLUSION a site accessible for everyone

By integrating the Deafiline & Facil’iti solutions, Showroomprivé has made a giant step towards digital inclusion by making our site accessible to all. 

Thanks to Deafi, Showromprivé has got together teams of video advisors and interpreters in French / French Sign Language, who are trained and qualified and available via webcam, chat or automatic simultaneous written transcription (TESA). 

With Facil’iti, Showroomprivé offers a digital accessibility solution which adapts the website screen for the comfort of each net surfer so that people with seeing difficulties or motor or cognitive impairment can navigate on the web and access information.

Since January 2020, the start-up Facil’iti has been incubated at Look Forward by Showroomprivé, our speedy, free programme aimed at entrepreneurs coming from the fashion, retail and beauty industries who want to transform these industries and turn them towards more responsible practices.

At Showroomprivé, we believe that in these digital times these initiatives act as a key to entering a more inclusive society where everyone can have access to information and culture. It’s not just a question of innovation, but it’s also the way in which we look at each other. 


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