Everyone in school

Through her association Toutes à l’école, the journalist Tina Kieffer has devoted herself to getting access to schooling for little girls in Cambodia. This is an adventure with which Showroomprivé has been associated for 5 years, helping provide equal opportunities for the women of tomorrow. 

Forty years after the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge, which decimated 90% of the intellectuals, there has been an obvious emergency regarding education in Cambodia. Educating girls is all the more important since this is how they will access freedom and dignity and they will be able to blossom and have a job of their own choosing. Since 2005, Tina Kieffer’s school, Happy Chandara (the original name of her adopted daughter) has prospered, with 100 new pupils every year and its first batch of graduates passed out with a 100% success rate. 

Showroomprivé became aware of this struggle, which echoed our own values, and joined the adventure from the start. Since then several events have taken place on 8 March, International Women’s Day. So, Showroomprivé sells newly created items where the profits go to the association, such as a collection of bracelets inspired by Cambodian traditions or a capsule collection named “Unique”, dreamed up by the illustrator Audrey Leroy.

To make its commitments more real, every year Showroomprivé personnel go to Cambodia to visit the school and see the amazing work being done there by the Toutes à l’Ecole association.


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