For Showroomprivé, the social responsibility of the company is at the heart of our strategy and it's been like this ever since we started.

For Showroomprivé, the social responsibility of the company is at the heart of our strategy and it's been like this ever since we started.



Act 1 – Why we're here: Twice upon a time: …

The reason we exist in our profession puts us right at the heart of the fashion industry’s environmental responsibilities. We give a second life to tens of millions of items a year of overstock that has left the traditional distribution channels. By making them desirable again, through selection, promotion and attractive prices, we enable them to join the circuit of more responsible consumption.




Act 2 - Our incubator: innovation at the heart of our concerns.

Created in spring 2015, our Look Forward startups incubator, now called Showroom Startups, is based in Seine Saint Denis. It responds to a desire to democratise access to innovation while supporting start-ups that are rethinking the way we produce, distribute and consume fashion and beauty. A unique, free model, the programme has successfully supported over 113 startups since its inception, creating 1,150 jobs in 6 years.

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Act 3 - Our Showroom Engagé endowment fund for women

The Showroom Engagé Fund is a general interest philanthropic structure designed to support projects that work to improve the living conditions of women and their children. In particular, it helps to combat violence against women. In 2023, the Showroom Engagé Fund has chosen to support the Fédération nationale Solidarité Femmes. With a network of 81 specialist associations and a national helpline (3919), it listens, provides safety, accommodation and legal and psychological support for women victims of violence and their children.


Two pillars of commitment

Supported by our Showroom Impact commitment programme, we are strengthening our commitments in each of our business areas through concrete actions. Sourcing, Human Resources, Marketing, IT, Logistics, Transport, Sales Production: every department in the company is actively involved in this major turning point, so that together we can continue to write the lines for a more responsible future. From highlighting an eco-responsible offer on our website, to raising our members’ awareness of environmental, social and societal issues, to strengthening our partnerships with associations supporting women or charitable causes, Showroomprivé is committed, both internally and externally, to making a difference.

Showroomprivé is committed to developing a more responsible business model. That’s why the Group was one of the first e-tailers to sign the Charter of Commitment for the Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Online Commerce alongside the Government and Fevad in 2021.

By signing the Charter of Commitments to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Online Commerce alongside 14 other e-tailers in 2021, Showroomprivé is pursuing its commitment to the environment and continuing to develop actions in favour of a more committed world that respects the planet’s resources. In particular, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint and cut down on packaging by encouraging reuse and using recycled materials to limit waste.

Our initiatives

ENVIRONMENT & INNOVATION Look Forward: Retail, Fashion & Beauty Tech incubator
Look Forward, the start-up incubator for responsible projects unveils its 6th promotion for 2021.
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DIGITAL INCLUSION a site accessible for everyone
By integrating solutions like Deafiline & Facil’iti into its site, Showroomprivé has taken a giant step towards digital inclusion
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WOMEN & EDUCATION Everyone in school
This is an adventure with which Showroomprivé has been associated for 5 years, helping provide equal opportunities for the women of tomorrow.
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WOMEN & HEALTH Odyssea & Octobre Rose/Pink October
For more than four years now, Showroomprivé has been working with the association Odyssea for the Octobre Rose event, an annual communication campaign aiming to raise awareness about testing for breast cancer and raising money for research.
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